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House passes the bipartisan Special District Grant Accessibility Act (H.R. 7525)

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H.R. 7525 is the culmination of years of groundwork and collaboration with state leaders of special districts across the USA, including the NSDC fly-in, pictured above.

Historic Legislation Passed to Enhance Support for Special Districts Across the United States

We are thrilled to announce that the U.S. House of Representatives has passed the bipartisan Special District Grant Accessibility Act (H.R. 7525), a momentous achievement for special districts nationwide. Authored by Representatives Brittany Pettersen (D-CO) and Pat Fallon (R-TX), this legislation establishes, for the first time, a federal definition of "special district," ensuring that these crucial entities are eligible for all appropriate forms of federal financial assistance.

Special districts across the United States, numbering over 35,000, provide essential services that millions of Americans rely on daily, including water, sanitation, fire protection, healthcare, and more. Despite their critical role, many have faced challenges in accessing federal funds due to the absence of a specific federal definition and recognition. This legislative milestone addresses these long-standing issues by codifying a clear definition and directing the White House Office of Management and Budget to ensure that special districts are recognized as local governments for federal financial assistance purposes.

The passage of H.R. 7525 by an overwhelming majority highlights the power of advocacy and collaboration within the special district community. The bipartisan effort not only underscores the importance of our districts but also sets the stage for a more equitable distribution of federal resources, enhancing our ability to serve and protect our communities effectively.

As we celebrate this significant progress, we turn our attention to the Senate, where efforts are underway to secure sponsors for a companion bill. We urge all members of the National Special Districts Coalition and stakeholders to engage in this critical phase to ensure the swift passage of this essential legislation.

Your continued support and participation are invaluable. We encourage special districts and other organizations not already listed in support to join us by signing on to our ongoing advocacy efforts. For more details on how you can help and to stay updated on further developments, please visit our website.

Thank you for your commitment to strengthening special districts and the communities we serve.


Ann Terry
CEO, National Special Districts Coalition

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