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Grant Services

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The National Special Districts Coalition (NSDC) is partnering with The Ferguson Group (TFG) to provide grant services to NSDC members. TFG has decades of experience working with local governments, public agencies, and special districts to find funding for priority projects. TFG is offering NSDC members a wide range of grant services at no cost, including:

Grant Training Services

  • Advance grant announcements and notices
  • Weekly review of grants impacting local communities
  • General Grant Guides for a variety of policy topics.
  • Access to a database of more than 700 successful grant applications

NSDC’s special district members can access these resources by completing the Project Idea Portal highlighted on this page.

NSDC members interested in additional grant services aside from the above list may take advantage of member discount pricing on the full scope of TFG grant services.

Visit The Ferguson Group’s Grant Services webpage for more information.

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