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About Special Districts

What is a Special District?

May contain: neighborhood, city, suburb, outdoors, and road

Special districts are local governments created by the people of a community to deliver specialized services essential to their health, safety, economy and well-being. A community forms a special district, which are political subdivisions authorized through a state’s statutes, to provide specialized services the local city or county do not provide.

More than 30,000 special districts, according to U.S. Census figures, provide a wide array of specialized services to millions of Americans. Some special districts are large; many are very small, all serving diverse urban, suburban, rural and agricultural regions of the country - even within incorporated areas.

Scientists, firefighters, engineers, health care professionals, water and environmental experts, and many other specialists provide special district services. Their expertise allows districts to respond to a rapidly changing world and to new technologies quickly. Due to the specialized nature of their services, special districts must maintain their critical infrastructures and evolve with state-of-the art tools of their trade – whether it be a new, more effective water delivery system, firefighting equipment, transit system, lighting, or sanitation or other service delivery.

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