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Regular Members

Regular Members shall be any special district organization, formed and registered in accordance with the laws of the state where the association is based, for the purpose of enhancing the ability of all special districts to deliver services to the communities they serve without preference for a specific service type (e.g. fire protection, water, sanitary, parks and recreation).

Regular Members may include a statewide organization, alliance, or coalition that is representative of or accessible to all types of special districts, inclusive of a coalition of statewide service-specific special district associations organized under an MOU for purposes of participating in NSDC as a Regular Member, so long as the predominant make up of all participating entities are special districts.

Newly accepted Regular Members must participate and be members for at least 2-years before being considered for inclusion as part of the Executive Committee.

Regular Members do not include any association formed for the primary purpose of serving one type of special district, such as water, parks, or fire protection, etc.


Regular Members may join NSDC by executing a NSDC Affiliation Agreement that is accepted and approved by unanimous vote of the NSDC Executive Committee.


Regular Member contributions are based on the organization’s ability to pay and will be determined annually in consultation with the Executive Committee.


  • Participation in NSDC Executive Committee
  • Full access and voting rights in NSDC
  • Full access and voting rights on NSDC Legislative Committee (General & Special Meetings)
  • Receive regular DC legislative reports
  • Receive regular DC grants reports
  • Receive exclusive access to grants resources and discounts through The Ferguson Group
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