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Associate Members

Associate Members shall be any association, formed and registered in accordance with the laws of the state where the association is based, for the purpose of serving those public agencies that do not satisfy the criteria for Regular Members.

Associate Members may include associations formed for the primary purpose of serving one type of special districts, such as water, parks, or fire protection. Associate Members may also include a national or regional association that supports special districts’ interests.

An association is prohibited from joining NSDC as an Associate Member if a Regular Member has joined NSDC from the same state where the association is based, and the association is not a member of the NSDC Regular Member in that state. The aforementioned limitation shall not apply to a national association joining as an Associate Member, as approved by the NSDC Executive Committee.


Associate Members may join NSDC by completing an NSDC Membership Application that is accepted and approved by unanimous vote of the NSDC Executive Committee.


Associate Member contributions are based on the organization’s ability to pay and scope of influence as follows:

Statewide or Regional Organizations/Associations

Operating BudgetDues
$1 - $5M$2,500 Annually
$5M - $7.5M$5,000 Annually
$7.5M+$7,500 Annually


  • Receive regular DC legislative reports
  • Receive regular DC grants reports
  • Participate in NSDC Legislative Committee meetings (General Meetings; non-voting) – briefings and provide expert feedback only
  • Receive exclusive access to grants resources and discounts through The Ferguson Group

*Note: NSDC benefits and membership do not flow down to individual members of the Associate Member. Membership is for participation, access, and information only.

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