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COVID-19 Recovery

Access to federal COVID-19 financial assistance for state and local governments was the issue compelling the Coalition to unite in advocacy. NSDC is committed to advocating for special districts’ inclusion in federally funded pandemic responses, measures to address major disasters and national emergencies, and economic recovery initiatives. As a national issue with many federal touchpoints, Coalition members have access to legislative advocacy resources created for state and local grassroots efforts.

COVID-19 relief advocacy priorities include special districts’ access to state and local government relief programs that (1) reimburse expenditures made to respond, mitigate, and prevent the spread of the coronavirus, (2) address fiscal impacts stemming from low-income households’ hardships to keep utility payments current, (3) cover revenue loss due to the pandemic, (4) support frontline workers responsible for continuity of critical public services, and (5) support economic stimulus and job programs, such as infrastructure investments, related to federal pandemic recovery efforts.

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