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2024 Trial Membership

Check out the Coalition!

Special districts and organizations providing services to and representing special districts’ interests are invited to join the National Special Districts Coalition (NSDC) on a three-month trial basis between January 1 and July 31, 2024.

NSDC is the only national organization representing and advocating for all types of special districts at the federal level. It continues to advance legislative priorities for the nation’s 35,000 special districts and build capacity to grant resources and other value-added benefits to its members.

Experience the National Special Districts Coalition's growing federal advocacy program, which offers more opportunities to engage your association and special district members in the national districts' network. Get plugged into the latest from Washington and nationwide through a special district lens. 

Associations and special districts participating in the Trial Membership Program will receive associate and affiliate member benefits:

  • Standing invitation to join monthly NSDC Legislative Committee meetings for involvement in policy discussions and to hear the latest legislative developments out of Washington, D.C.
  • Engage your legislatively-involved special districts in district-specific NSDC Policy Advisory Groups with fellow special district leaders nationwide.
  • Access to grant resources for special districts through NSDC’s partnership with The Ferguson Group.
  • Weekly updates of newly announced federal funding opportunities of interest for special districts.
  • Special alerts and reports offer deeper dives into major legislation and policy topics.
  • Access to a growing network of special district stakeholders.
  • Invites to attend NSDC Member events.
  • Direct involvement in special district's grassroots initiatives and support for legislative meetings.

Additional Details


Nonprofit organizations, such as associations representing and providing professional services to special districts in their states and independent special districts, are welcome to the trial; however, special districts or organizations that are currently unaffiliated with current NSDC Regular or Associate members are ineligible for the NSDC Trial Membership Program. 

Special districts in California, Colorado, Florida, Oregon, South Carolina, Utah, and Wyoming must be members of their state special district associations to receive NSDC benefits.

Post-trial coalition Entry dues

Eligible organizations and special districts that successfully complete the three-month trial period will be offered a 25 percent reduction on prorated dues for the remaining months of 2024.



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