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NSDC Leadership Formally Sets Stage for Future Organization and Growth

 August 20, 2021 | Cole Karr

MONTEREY, Calif. – The National Special District Coalition’s (NSDC) Executive Board adopted Sunday amendments to its memorandum of understanding to formally expand its mission and organization.

The NSDC Executive Board convened ahead of the California Special Districts Association's conference in Monterey, Calif., to adopt and sign the update, which formalizes its national advocacy and lobbying program and officially establishes a national membership structure. The actions taken are aimed to further coalition growth and strengthen special districts’ voice on policy matters in Washington, DC.

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The National Special Districts Coalition Executive Board meets for their annual conference. Pictured left to right: Frank Stratton, Executive Director, Special Districts Association of Oregon; David Ramba, Executive Director, Florida Association of Special Districts; Neil McCormick, Chief Executive Officer, California Special Districts Association; Ann Terry, Executive Director, Special Districts Association of Colorado; LeGrand Bitter, Executive Director, Utah Association of Special Districts

With the amendment’s adoption, NSDC also welcomed the Association of Washington Public Hospital Districts as its first associate member.

The National Special Districts Coalition is the only national organization representing and advocating for all special districts at a national level. Organized in 2018, a group of five state special districts associations in California, ColoradoFloridaOregon, and Utah established a memorandum of understanding aimed to share resources, best practices and openly network to identify solutions to common problems for special districts across state lines. In 2021, the Coalition expanded to include special districts associations in South Carolina and Wyoming.

NSDC consists of associations, organizations, and businesses each representing and supporting special districts across the country. Uniting special districts and stakeholders as one voice, NSDC fosters strong national collaboration to strengthen and advance essential community service enhancing American communities’ quality of life.

Visit for the latest on Coalition activities and contact Cole Karr, NSDC Federal Advocacy Coordinator, at for membership information and general questions.

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