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Update from NSDC on organizational changes and continued lobbying efforts

Dear NSDC,

I hope this message finds you well.

I am writing to inform you of a recent change within our organization. Karr Advocacy Strategies (KAS)/Cole Karr is no longer a part of the NSDC team. We are grateful for the contributions Cole and his company have made during his tenure.

That said, our core lobbying team at Paragon is still hard at work on behalf of NSDC and our members. I don’t expect this change to affect any of our work and priorities for NSDC, and we are fully committed to keeping things moving forward. Should you have any inquiries or require assistance regarding ongoing projects or new initiatives, please direct them to me. I am here to ensure a smooth transition and support our valued members. Feel free to contact us at, 303-863-1733

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Best regards,

Ann Terry, NSDC Chair and the NSDC Executive Committee

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